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Bra Fit Guide

Bra Guide | What's My Size?


Fit Guide


How should I measure myself?


The best way to fit a maternity or nursing bra is not by measuring yourself, but instead by trying on one of your best-fitting bras (on the loosest hook - underwired is fine), and answering the following questions to find your current, correct size.


  • Does the band feel too tight?

  • Is the bottom of the bra lifting away from your rib cage?

  • Are your breasts falling out of the bottom of the cups?


It’s likely that the band size is too small. It should be firmly anchored to the body.



If this is the case, you will need to buy a bra with a BIGGER band size, but go DOWN a cup size (e.g. from 34D to 36C)


  • Is the bra band riding up at the back?

  • Is your bust sagging?

  • Then it’s likely that the under band elastic is too loose.



Try a bra with a SMALLER band size, but go UP a cup size (e.g. from 36C to 34D)


* Are there marks on your shoulders where the straps have been digging in?


The straps are taking too much of the weight of your bust. A bra’s main support comes from the underband, not the straps.



Try a bra with a SMALLER band size, but go UP a cup size (e.g. from 36C to 34D)


*Are your breasts spilling out of the front or the sides of the bra?



The cups are too small


Keep the same band size but go UP a cup size (e.g. from 34D to 34DD)


If you’re still unsure of your correct size, use the measurement guide below to find your correct starting size.

Bellissima Bump

1. Find your band size by pulling the tape measure around your rib cage underneath your breasts, placing it just under your bust at the front and making sure the tape measure is flat and straight across your back. Pull the tape nice and tight (remember that a bra will stretch, but a tape measure doesn’t) and measure in centimeters or inches.



2. Now find your cup size by measuring across the fullest part of your bust (this time the tape measure doesn’t have to be tight). Measure in centimeters or inches.

How do your S, M, L, XL compare to regular UK sizes?


Our sizes are the same as non-maternity clothes, but we cut them to fit a growing bump.


  • Small is equivalent to a UK 10 with a medium sized bump (20-28 weeks)


  • Medium is a UK 12 with a medium sized bump (20-28 weeks)


  • Large is a UK 14 with a big bump (28-34 weeks)


  • X-large is a UK 16 with a full term bump (30-38 weeks)



Can I exchange a bra if I order the wrong size?


Absolutely - simply return the item unworn in its original packaging with labels intact and mark the size you'd like in exchange on the packing note, and return it to us (see Shipping & Returns for more information). Unfortunately for hygiene reasons, panties cannot be returned. Please note that Sale items are non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Should I choose a different size for my maternity bra or my nursing bra?


Now you’ve established what your correct size is, you can choose your bra and further refine the size you need depending on where you are in your pregnancy:


*Early-Mid Pregnancy:


You should buy a maternity bra that’s either the same size as your current size, or if you feel your ribcage is fast expanding, a bigger band size, but a smaller cup (if you’re a 34D, choose a 36C). Fit it on the tightest hook and see how it feels. This will allow you to let it out as your ribcage expands outwards.


*Late Pregnancy:


You should now consider buying a nursing bra, but go up one cup size from your current size (if you’re now a 36D, buy a 36DD). This is because your cup size will increase by at least one size when your milk comes in, and you’ll also need room for breast pads. Fit it on one of the loosest hooks. As your ribcage falls back to its natural place in the weeks and months after your baby is born, you can then tighten it.


*You’ve had your baby and are breastfeeding:


Buy a nursing bra in the same size as your current size. It should be fitted on the 3rd or 4th hook. Your cup size will fluctuate during feeds, and your rib cage will fall back a little, so this will allow you to adjust the bra as necessary. Remember to choose a bra with stretchy cups (all our styles are good for this).

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